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Environmental Technologies Exporter Award

Princeston has received a prestigious award as a leading company for exporting environmental technologies to emerging markets in the world. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Martin Tlapa emphasised the company´s effort to introduce modern EMSF desalination technology to the region of South Africa and Middle East. ...

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Site visit to Al Massarat / Oman

Expert team of PPRINCESTON Ltd consisting of Mr. Keblusek and Mr. Kovarik has visited a project site in Northern Al Massarat, Oman where the new project for irrigation network has been launched. Together with the local specialists they discussed all the aspects of the new project, scope of works...

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Solution for Dira Dawa in Ethiopia

PRINCESTON together with Czech/Ethiopian company Aquacon has been designing solution for desalination of the water from Dire Dawa lake in Ethiopia. As water from the lake is highly mineralisded and of different composition than sea water PRINCESTON has also invited leading experts from University of Chemistry and Technology from...

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Solution for Spanish pork producers

PRINCESTON has been inquired regarding the possible ESMF solution of manure treatment by the Spanish pork producers. Underground water contamination by sludge from pig farms is a giant problém in Spain and the local farmers seek an inovative solution to replace not very efficient Reverse Osmosis treatment plants. PRINCESTON...

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New project in Qatar

Project for irrigation of the vegetable farms by the desalinated water has been launched in Qatar. The main part of the project will be installation of the EMSF unit with the total capacity of 3,000 m3/day. Also the new irrigation network will be established. Project implementation period is 01/2016...

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