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28. 03. 2018Successful assessment visit in Mozambique

Vladimir Sirotek and Jan Pavelka visited Mozambique in March 2018 to start the preparation of a feasibility study for the future installation of the EMSF unit. This project has been supported by the Czech Development Agency and it is planned to install 2 units in Mozambique during the next 3 years. Princeston team met with the Honourable Minister of Technology and Science and also with the Mayor or Maputo. As the best possible location was preselected Inhaca Island where the EMSF unit will be installed to supply the local population with drinking as well as irrigation water. 

11. 09. 2017Cooperation in Mozambique
Princeston started cooperation with Water Research Institute in Mozambique. This African country is due to the effect of the global warming in enormous need of new technological solution for provision of drinking as well as irrigation water.
21. 07. 2017Solution for Dira Dawa in Ethiopia
PRINCESTON together with Czech/Ethiopian company Aquacon has been designing solution for desalination of the water from Dire Dawa lake in Ethiopia. As water from the lake is highly mineralisded and of different composition than sea water PRINCESTON has also invited leading experts from University of Chemistry and Technology from Prague to seek the solution.
20. 01. 2016New project in Qatar
Project for irrigation of the vegetable farms by the desalinated water has been launched in Qatar. The main part of the project will be installation of the EMSF unit with the total capacity of 3,000 m3/day. Also the new irrigation network will be established. Project implementation period is 01/2016 - 12/2017.
30. 09. 2015Solution for Spanish pork producers

PRINCESTON has been inquired regarding the possible ESMF solution of manure treatment by the Spanish pork producers. Underground water contamination by sludge from pig farms is a giant problém in Spain and the local farmers seek an inovative solution to replace not very efficient Reverse Osmosis treatment plants. PRINCESTON expert team has started designing of a mobile unit that would perfectly suits the needs of Spanish pork producers.

24. 06. 2015Expert team has visited Abu Dhabi
With intention to establish a new EMSF system for sea water desalination for the drinking purposes team of PRINCESTON experts visited Abu Dhabí on invitation from the local company Al Kafaah Water treatment and desalination company.
15. 04. 2014Site visit to Al Massarat / Oman
Expert team of PPRINCESTON Ltd consisting of Mr. Sirotek, Mr. Keblusek and Mr. Kovarik has visited a project site in Northern Al Massarat, Oman where the new project for irrigation network has been launched. Together with the local specialists they discussed all the aspects of the new project, scope of works and the timeframe. The project will start with the hydrogeological survey and the implementation will continue until September 2018.
17. 02. 2014PRINCESTON started cooperation with Charles University
Close cooperation has been established between the expert team of PRINCESTON and Institute for environmental studies, Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague. At the joint meeting leading expert of PRINCESTON Mr. Vladimir Sirotek discussed the latest development in the field of environmently friendly desalination solutions and EL Quseir / Egypt case study with the University experts. Both sides agreed on mutual cooperation in the future.
29. 01. 2014Irrigation network for date palm tree plantation in Oman

PRINCESTON has been awarded a contract for a solution for irrigation of the date palm plantations in Northern Al Massarat / Oman. EMSF technology will be used for desalination of the salty irrigation wells and the complex irrigation and fertilization network will be put in place in the plantation with approx. 1,3 million palm trees. In the first phase of the project it is planned to instal EMSF unit of total capacity of 3000 m3/day and additional units will be connected in the next phases of the project.

12. 11. 2013Installation of EMSF unit in Egypt
New desalination EMSF unit was successfully installed in El Quseir / Egypt. Unit with the capacity 20m3/day and salinity at outlet of 10-15ppm will serve the purposes of drinking water supply.

About company

PRINCESTON Ltd. was established in 2009. The main purpose of the company is to promote and develop new approaches and technologies in the environmental field.

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PRINCESTON team has many years of experience in the field of environmental protection, landscape ecology and water treatment technology development, and cooperates with a number of experts from various sectors including the leading specialists from Institute for Environmental Studies / Faculty of Science, Charles University and University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague. PRINCESTON also cooperates with professionals from many European technological institutes, private companies and NGOs.

The main objective is to offer environment friendly technology with regard to specific regions, conditions and issues, including the search for economically acceptable solutions. Our company is helping to find solutions in the regions with a lack of safe drinking water. Our professional team is ready to answer all your questions and prepare an offer optimized according to your needs.


It is the intention of Princeston ltd. to expand and develop additional methods of application of the unique EMSF technology where there is a shortage of clean water.

The goal is to make quality, cheap water available to everyone who suffers from a water shortage, enable soil irrigation in areas that are now being lost to advancing deserts and/or where growing of crops is impossible due to lack of moisture. In addition, we strive to provide all users of technical equipment and means of transport the opportunity to utilise the waste heat in producing water. Such means of transport include ships, from giant tankers to small yachts, where the need for pure water is imperative.

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