About EMSF


EMSF = Environmental Multi-Stage Flash

EMSF is the innovative technology for production of very clean, drinkable water using vacuum distillation, which:

    • allows for production of water suitable for infants and cleans the water to a value lower than 1 ppm (parts per million). That is one millionth of dissolved substances. Meanwhile, when using a traditional method such as reverse osmosis (RO), it is difficult to keep the output value at even 300 ppm (and this happens only with the use of brand-new filters and a well-configured device).
    • reduces pressure inside the device, leading to a marked decrease in the water‘s boiling point; thus, decreasing energy consumption and the cost of water produced.

EMSF technology makes it possible to produce the cheapest water by utilising waste heat from various process equipment. Thanks to the utilization of waste heat that is produced as a “by-product” that would otherwise have no real use and, because, in cases involving a sufficient source of heat source, there is no need for an additional source of energy source, the EMSF technology produces no additional CO2  and does not contribute to further global warming.