EMSF summary

  • EMSF is an innovative, next generation technology for desalination facilities.
  • In qualitative terms, it is a unique method capable of producing baby-grade water from sea water.
  • It makes it possible to supply regions with high mortality caused by contaminated water.
  • It can be employed in areas without infrastructure, using only solar power.
  • It is energy self-sufficient: it uses waste heat from other equipment.
  • It does not require any complex construction or technical preparation.
  • It has a long service life.
  • It does not require skilled operators to manage implementation.
  • It has broad applications in agricultural irrigation, thickening of liquid fertilisers, etc.
  • It is effective in industry for the thickening or separating of water from other substances.
  • It is suitable for drinking water production onboard ships.
  • It brings immediate cost savings thanks to utilisation of waste heat.
  • It generates savings by not requiring operating supplies.
  • It is environmentally friendly, produces no CO2, and in fact consumes ambient heat.

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