The global war will be waged over water, scientists warn

Participants at the international conference on climate in the island of Bali in Indonesia in 2007 warned against the increasing risk of future social and political conflicts caused by climate change. According to a study by German scientists, a critical shortage of water and food in some regions in future may become the seed of global war conflicts over the division of vital natural resources.

The level of the Dead Sea has decreased by more than twenty metres in the last hundred years. Lake Chad is now only a twentieth of what it was 35 years ago. Mount Kilimanjaro will lose all of its snowcap by 2020. In China, 449 cities suffer from water shortages. This is not an alarming shower of threats but rather analytical figures presented by William S. Brennan, capital market consultant at Aqua Terra Asset Management. One of the best investment recommendations has lately been “blue gold”. That is, water.